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Made with Attitude 

as a core principle and method 

What Attitude means for us?

When it comes to naming, Attitude is an essential word with a complex meaning.

Firstly, it is the way of thinking or feeling. Your position or view on anything. The angle of vision.

Secondly, it’s an aviation term. The aircraft’s position relative to the horizon.  This is how our passion for the sky and flying comes out.

Thirdly, it’s a ballet position. Ballet is the quintessence of great work, lightness, and beauty, which is very inspiring

We believe what you are experiencing is directly related to your attitude. That is what we can build with our work.

Made with Attitude means that we do our work with a total understanding of why we do it this or that way. We thought about how it will work and make an impact in the future. And we did it with higher quality and working standards.

What is the Attitude method?
defining business values - why a person does what they do, what motivates them apart from money management lies at the heart of the organisation of everything understanding what the customer wants to say to the audience, what message to broadcast I'm against "I'm cool" communication like the infobusiness does. if you're cool, show it through your projects - smoothly, intelligently

Is it only about design?

No. Design is the uppermost shell of business, bringing problems and inconsistencies to the surface. There are many tasks to be completed before the design is developed. We always look at design from a business process perspective - to make sure that decisions are sound and work.

Is design important?

We believe that each peice of design influence to culture so to the future. We agree thet we can build the future. Good taste is important. Values are important. To manifest yourself is important.

we create the artefacts of our time with the help of dichain - it is important to monitor their quality, everything we see affects us, even if we are not aware of it

it is possible to work without design, without a brand, just to work. a brand is only a semantic superstructure. but it becomes critical if you build your public image and the trust of your users

– To be a partner to a client – what it means?

We build into the client's work to help their project grow. It is valuable for us to give more than is expected of us. To inspire further development. Showing where else you can strengthen and improve. We help companies and people shape their future image and bring it to life through visual. We are honest with clients and with each other.

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