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Design in Real Estate: Singapore

Natalia Moskaleva, founder of Attitude Design Consulting 

March 2023

As a design researcher, I'm fascinated by the power of representation tools. I'm particularly interested in how objects can convey meanings and ideas through their form and image. I always examine buildings within this context, and in doing so, I have summarized the practices used by developers in Singapore to highlight the design features of properties in the local market.

Photo by Dmitry Plotnikov, Amsterdam, 2023

Design as a value


The Building and Construction Authority website offers a wealth of guidelines, including those on architectural approaches. One of these is Sustainable Architecture, which emphasizes the value of good design. According to this, "Good design is not a frill or a luxury; it’s a fundamental. Good design is design that meets the genuine needs of real fleshand–blood individuals; that will prevent feelings of estrangement from one’s surroundings caused by places where the individual becomes a passenger, customer, or number."  While this concept applies to a broader design approach, it also holds relevance in the realm of signage and branding.

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